Mile2 Helps Businesses Protect Sensitive Information

With advances in technology comes added responsibility. For businesses and organizations, protecting trade secrets, employee records, and other sensitive information from online predators requires solid IT security and disaster recovery plans. Companies like Mile2 help train IT professional, business owners, and others to better protect important information. With training courses in IT security, data protection, risk management, and information assurance, Mile2 has a reputation for helping businesses all over the world. Established after 9/11, Mile2 is corporately located in Tampa, Florida and has almost 100 Training-partner locations world-wide.
Mile2 also offers consulting services to assess current security plans and provide help as necessary to develop and implement security system improvements.

Courses Offered
Some of the courses offered by Mile2 include Information Securities Officer, Professional Ethical Hacker, Secure Coding Engineer, and Disaster Recovery Engineer. Those who complete coursework can expect to learn advanced ways to protect information, learn how to ‘think’ like a hacker to prevent potential security breaches and to assess current risk, learn how to write more secure computer code, and how to recover valuable information after a natural or man-made disaster.

Mile2 designed coursework around cyber security initiatives developed by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Defense of Canada. Certification in Information Securities provides students the knowledge to create and implement computer network security systems, manage and update systems as necessary, oversee multiple security projects at once, and review new ways to prevent cyber attacks.

Certification in ethical hacking helps students become more diligent in finding vulnerable areas in network systems that hackers could manipulate. This course also helps students develop methods to make these areas more secure. Students will learn which tools hackers use most often and be able to identify times when network systems are most vulnerable.

A certificate in secure coding helps students understand and find potential vulnerabilities in computer software. Unfortunately, hackers not only break into networks by infiltrating network servers, but also through corrupt software. Students will learn how to recognize flaws in software and review ways to make software more secure.
Certification in disaster recovery helps students design plans to protect information in the event of a disaster. Creating file backup systems, protecting servers, and training employees to back up important information can save a business time and money in recovery costs.

Additional Benefits
Certification from Mile2 not only helps IT professionals become better at their jobs, the skills learned will also make employees more valuable to an organization. For those that want to advance in their current job or those that want to broaden their knowledge base to find a job, completing coursework offered by Mile2 will help students become more successful throughout their career.
Training Options

Mile2 offers multiple options for training that includes traditional classroom instruction, live online training, online videos, and training kits. The company can also create customized training sessions for companies in need of more personalized service. Mile2 also offers consulting services that help businesses pinpoint weaknesses in current systems along with ways to improve them.
All courses have been granted CPE (Continuing Professional Education) accreditation. This means that courses meet the requirements for acceptance by continuing education programs that require CPE coursework completion.

Consulting and Risk Management Services

In addition to providing risk management and IT security training, Mile2 offers a variety of consulting and risk management services. Penetration Testing Services, for example, help businesses determine how secure current IT security measures are and how these systems may be compromised in the future. Partnering with IT security software companies Saint and Core Impact, Mile2 performs a 4-phase process that reviews networks, servers, and web applications. Mile2 then generates in-depth reports that include possible risks and ways to reduce or eliminate these risks.

Aside from learning more about vulnerabilities in network systems, companies also need to test networks to ensure important information can be recovered in the event of a disaster. Fire, flood, prolonged power outages, failing equipment, human error, or server damage can all lead to the loss of necessary information to run a business. Mile2 consults with companies to develop disaster recovery plans for emergency situations. Disaster recovery plans typically involve creating back up files stored on a remote server.

To develop a disaster recovery plan, consultants from Mile2 will conduct a full audit of current equipment, servers, software and hardware. From there, consultants will make suggestions and install additional software and hardware needed to backup and protect information or find remote servers to store back up files. Consultants will conduct a final test to ensure full backup functionality. Businesses will receive full reports and other information to use to help maintain the disaster recovery plan.

Mile2 can help both small and large businesses maintain secure networks, software and hardware, while providing adequate information backup strategies in the event of a disaster. With over ten years of experience, Mile2 is dedicated to helping businesses remain secure year after year.

Consulting and Risk Management Services

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